Owner: Christina and Sebastian Lobenhofer
Location: Steiningloh near Hirschau
Products: Organic meat from free-range beef
Size of the establishment: Family business with about 50 cattle and arable farming

"We are the Lobenhofer family from Steiningloh. The core of our agriculture is the breeding of the endangered old Upper Palatinate breed of Red Cattle. The Rote Höhenvieh, also known as Celtic cattle, is one of the most primitive cattle breeds in Germany. We try to give this old breed, which is threatened by extinction, a future. The top priority on our farm is the welfare of our animals. The animals are considered to be very calm and robust and are perfectly adapted to the conditions in our region. Currently, the herd consists of 14 mother cows, one bull and our offspring. The animals live in a herd and are on pasture all day from mid-April to the end of October. The calves stay with their mothers and are raised gently for two and a half to three years until they are ready for slaughter. They are fed exclusively with organic hay and green fodder from our own cultivation. We slaughter about every one to two months. You can buy meat packages as well as selected individual pieces of our organic pasture-raised beef - of course only while stocks last. The meat is characterized by its fine structure and mild, natural taste. The products are vacuum-packed on the bone after maturing for two weeks and are left to ripen in the refrigeration chamber."

The Story:

In 2017, Christina and Sebastian Lobenhofer took over the dairy farm from Sebastian's family and gradually converted it to suckler cow grazing. Since animal welfare and environmentally conscious field cultivation without chemical sprays are important to the Lobenhofer family, they have been focusing on purely organic farming since 2020 as well. With the purchase of Oberpfälzer organic beef you support the animal-friendly, rural agriculture of the Lobenhof.

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